This Ain’t A Craft Blog, It’s A Goddamn Life Blog!

Let’s not get confused. Just because my first post on this blog happens to be a tutorial on how to make adorable little snowmen ornaments, this blog isn’t a craft blog. It’s a blog about my life, and right now, that includes these:

ImageRight now, you should be asking yourself how to get one. It’s so easy to make, I can do it! This is an original idea by me, so you won’t find the tutorial elsewhere, unless myself and some random person had the same idea at the same time. It happens, so I’m not saying it’s impossible.

I’m sort of a crafty person, if crafty means easy and cheap as well. Last Christmas, a friend of mine and I decided to have themes to the gifts we gave each other for Christmas. She, being part evil, gave me “things you can’t buy”. She ended up with a license plate, part of an animal spine, and a traffic cone. The good things she received were sea glass earrings I made her and my stepmom and one of these ornaments.

In a look around my apartment, searching for something to make for my friend’s Christmas package, I found a cork, and from that cork grew an idea, this idea. I also have a bunch of googly eyes, two spiels of red string, and white paint (I’m an art major dropout. There’s a reason for this stuff to exist in my possession.)

This Christmas, money is tight so I’m trying to do more handmade gifts (plus I wanted one for my own). So here’s what you need:


-White paint (I used acrylic)

-Patron-style corks

-Black sharpie (not pictured)

-Googly eyes

-Red string/twine

-super glue

-Orange colored pencil

-Pencil sharpener

Some of this stuff may seem weird, but in time you’ll understand.

So, first things first! Paint the corks! You can dip them and roll them around in white paint if you choose, or you can try by paintbrush. The first option is more messy, but I prefer that method. You may need more than one coat of paint otherwise.


Okay, so after the corks dry, It’s time to make the noses. The orange pencil, sharpen it…then break it off! Weird, right? Well, I’m resourceful and that’s an easy way to get a carrot nose. I recently had a Smores ornament break (Those are pretty much my entire Christmas tree) and I used this trick. No one can tell, so this really isn’t as weird as it sounds.

ImageAfter you’ve broken the points off the pencil, superglue them onto the the dried, painted corks, so that it looks like this:

Image Now, glue the googly eyes on.


Aw, it’s already starting to look cute. Next, use the sharpie to draw the buttons on. This can vary on many levels. You can paint buttons on. You can use little black pom-poms as buttons. If you do a variation, take a picture and let me know how it turned out!


Now, it’s time for the string. Wrap it around the snowman and tie it in a knot 3 times. Or you can use pipe cleaners. Again, this is up for variation. I used string because I have SO much of it and don’t really know what to use it on.

ImageThis last part is the hardest. Originally, I tried hanging it by an earring holder. Yeah, that looked weird and it’s not something I’ll repeat. This time, I tried gluing string to the top. Eh, it works but there has to be something better. So, until I find the answer to this question, superglue more string on top of his head…and you’re done! See, it’s simple, and now you have your own very adorable snowman.


2 thoughts on “This Ain’t A Craft Blog, It’s A Goddamn Life Blog!

  1. realalysaurus

    I just put up my tree on Sunday and found this little guy again and he made me smile. As another idea instead of string on top, what about sticking a thin craft eye hook in the top? You could perhaps even coat the wire part itself in a little glue before sticking it in to make it stay so it doesn’t just slide out again.
    I usually use eye hooks whenever I make clay ornaments and they’re a total lifesaver!


  2. LankyLane

    These are so gorgeous! Can’t wait to try these cute little critters myself! Good luck with the blog X
    instagram: @lankylane_



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