The Good of 2013

There is this pin on Pinterest that says to write down all of the good things that have happened to you over the year and stick them in a jar. At the end of the year, open and read them. That way, you concentrate on the positive things about the year, not the negative.

Talking to my dad about 2014, he said, “I just want this year to be over. It’s been a bad year.” His year has taken some pretty hard hits. His most recent wife left him and kept the house and the dogs. His best friend killed himself. Yes, those are some pretty serious negatives, but some good things happened this year, too, for him. He got a new classic car. In his new house, it’s closer to his work and he got to buy furniture that his wife wouldn’t have let him have, like leather couches. His business did very well for their first full year in operation. He’s working on repairing his relationship with his son. I say those are some very big plus sides.

As for myself, there were a lot of ups and downs as far as the negative and positives. Some of the positive things I had put in the jar ended up being negative. Overall, the jar worked its magic though. I broke into it when I was feeling very down, and all of the things I had written cheered me up. I had forgotten that a lot of it had happened!

Here’s a few of my favorite things from this year:

  • I saw Say Anything in concert.
  • I moved from someone’s basement to my own apartment with a kitchen!
  • Found a really great local band that I went to a lot of shows for (I’ll be interviewing their lead singer soon!)
  • Every year, I go camping in Smokehole, West Virginia. I just have to recall how beautiful it looked with the stars in the sky and fireflies in the trees. Instant happiness.
  • Django Unchained came out this year! I fell in love fast and hard.
  • So many urbexing sites! Those will get their own posts eventually.
  • A friend saw a purse, thought of me, and bought it. I never had anyone do that for me before. I obviously appreciated the gesture so much that it’s made my list.
  • I got an Om tattoo.
  • I got my first official Converses. One pair is Harley Quinn high-tops and the other pair is Poison Ivy.
  • I saw Gogol Bordello in concert! I drove to Philly by myself, dressed like a gypsy. I was in the very front and got very squashed, but it was totally worth it! They beat a drum with an open bottle of wine and poured it out onto the crowd, too, and both times, I got soaked. I got to touch Eugene and I got a pick from the show!
  • I had a photography showcase this year! If you’re an artist and want a free showcase, look into RawArtists.
  • Four Words-Star Trek: Into Darkness. I don’t know that I’ve ever lusted after a movie so hard in my life.
  • Ravens won the Superbowl! I was downtown and paraded around with friends, highfiving people and wooing. It was pretty awesome.
  • I had a band dedicate a song to me.
  • My work had a carnival day and my best friend there and I played in the moonslide and I fought off a possibly 7ft tall man in the gladiator ring.
  • I was a pretty thorough Poison Ivy for Halloween this year.

What are some good things that happened to you this year? I don’t want to hear the negatives!


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