Cookie Parties Are Just As Delicious As They Sound

First, let me say that this entry is late in coming. I have a current backlog of entries with both this and my cooking blog, so at least my procrastination is divided up.

Anyway, COOKIES. Let me just say that a party based on sweets is just always a good idea. And around Christmas, it’s the perfect excuse, is it not? People are already baking, or planning on baking, for their loved ones. Why not sneak yourself in there for some added deliciousness for yourself?

So let’s talk cookies.


We’ll start with what I brought, since this is my blog, after all. If you look on the plate, you see the chocolate chip cookie looking square. That was Chocolate Chip Cookie Fudge. You will not be finding that recipe here cause I immediately destroyed it once I tasted them. Proof you can’t believe everything from Pinterest, which is a shame cause they looked so good and took so much work.


I mean, that’s a mouth-watering picture. Unfortunately, the taste is way to sweet and gritty. My grandmother told me that usually when you use white sugar in fudge, it turns out that way. Lesson learned, Grandma.

The other thing I brought (Brought is a relative term. The party was in my apartment) was a family Christmas cookie, called Kourkoubiny, or as the children called it, “Whiskey cookies”. That’s right, folks. Alcoholics now have their own cookies, and damn are they not wonderful. I definitely noticed, as we were packing up, that everyone grabbed a handful to put into their take-home bag.


This was my first year making them by myself and wow, that’s a lot of hard work. I didn’t remember all that much. And the recipe made at least 50 cookies. Good thing, too, cause this was a big hit.

The next item on the plate are Triple Chocolate Cookies, made by Terra.


These were more like Quadruple Chocolate Chip cookies. See, Terra added the chocolate chips too early and they melted into the recipe, so she had to add more. Well, that just made them so much more tasty. These were my personal favorite (other than mine, of course. :P)

Rachel also had trouble making fudge, but her’s turned out a tad bit different….


…in that it’s not even solid. So she bought shortbread cookies and we ate it as a dip. Fudge was just not in our game plan.

And last, but not least, what Theresa brought. Let’s start with her Hot Chocolate Brownies.


Beautiful, aren’t they? Tasty, too, but they were a little too rich for my taste. You really had to pace yourself with these.


I don’t remember what Theresa called these, but what I got out of them was that they were sugar cookies with mint Hersheys kisses on top, which would’ve been fine if I enjoyed mint. Strange, I like hard mint candies, and candy canes, but not really mint flavored things. Whatever, they were adorable.

So what do you do at a cookie party? Well, if more people had come, we would’ve had an ugly sweater contest, but as it was, only Theresa owned a sweater. We played Apples to Apples and Scattergories. We watched Elf and The Year Without A Santa Claus. Terra brought mulled apple cider she made herself. A good time was had by all.

Will there be a cookie party next year? You bet!


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