January Reveal Day!

So I’m a little late on this, but I went to Pennsylvania this weekend and left my laptop (and the pictures I needed) at home. ARGH!

Anyway, Shaleena ofJourney’s Of A Future Nurse was my partner in this awesome thing I’ve stumbled across called Foodie Penpals. A brief summary on what it is: You sign up (for free) and the person in charge assigns you a partner (in the same country so you don’t have to deal with customs). You then email your partner and discuss things such as food allergies and likes and dislikes.

From talking to Shaleena, she mentioned the following in the several emails we sent to each other: she likes white chocolate, strawberries, nuts, pasta, blueberries, and breads. She also mentioned that she had recently gotten a crockpot and didn’t have very many recipes to use with it.

Now, according to the laws of the Foodie Penpal, you can’t post what you’ve sent, but you can talk about it. I made some strawberry white chocolate cookies (SO good, but freaky because the dough and white chocolate looked like teeth). Since I live in Maryland and she lives in Washington, I also sent some “Maryland charm”, which is Old Bay and crab stuff. I managed to find some Terps pasta, and I included some chocolate covered strawberry tea (I may go back and buy some myself).

I can post pictures of what she has sent me, though.

DSC_8235So I told her I like apples, black cherries, and enchiladas.

She catered to two of those things.

DSC_8237 I really enjoyed the CoCoJo cookies. We don’t have those in Maryland. The chocolate bar was the first thing I ate. I wish I hadn’t consumed it all in one sitting. It was awfully strong.

DSC_8236 I was thrilled about the apple butter and enchilada sauce. I didn’t think anything was going to come from my love of enchiladas. I have yet to use either of those, but I did make the cookies not long after. 🙂

Overall, I overspent on the $15 spending limit, but I really enjoyed putting together the package and seeing what I received! I already signed up for the next one (It’s a monthly thing).

A special thank you to Shaleena and Lindsay, who put this all together!


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