My Sweet Audrina by V.C. Andrews

Well, you have to hand it to Andrews, she writes one hell of a story, and she knows how to suck a reader in. Perhaps she sounds familiar to you, but you can’t place the name? If you know about Flowers In The Attic, that would be her work. And now that we’re all on the same page with how twisted some of her stories are, we can continue.

I read Flowers, and I actually liked the story. The movie was a poor representation, I have to admit. I was not impressed. So upon finding this book at The Book Thing, there’s always that level of “eh, why not?” when dealing with free books.

From what I’ve gathered from Andrews’ wiki page and from my experience with what I’ve read in her books, they read like soap operas. Case in point, My Sweet Audrina. SA: “So her parents told her that her sister had died, but she is actually the sister, and her cousin is her half sister! And her husband is sleeping with her cousin/sister, and her cousin/sister is trying to kill her.” And that’s only some of it. From just that extremely brief summary, you can tell this book is drama, drama, drama. It left me wondering if I ever actually liked the book (but of course, I’m keeping it so I can refer to it later. It’s definitely something that sticks with you.)

I’m probably tapping out on Andrews after this book. There is only so much drama I can stand, in my life or a book’s, and this just gets to be too much. And honestly, the writing isn’t that good. Sure, it’s a page turner, but the way this supposedly 7 or 9 year old girl is speaking, she talks like an adult. Everyone in the book pretty much has the same voice, and this isn’t the first book where the children talk like adults. I know that can actually happen in real life, but not like this.

Also, the “BIG” plot twist about Audrina actually being Audrina was obvious from the get-go.

This book is mildly depressing, and I’d give it two stars if I hadn’t enjoyed reading and reflecting on it so much. So it gets 3 stars out of 5, but here is where my adventuring with V.C. Andrews rests.


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