Firestarter by Stephen King


If you’re a big fan of families, horses, and happy endings, this book is definitely not your type. Granted, some King novels have questionable and/or happy endings, but a semi-happy ending is all this book has to offer. Someone made it out alive though, and with King, that’s a rare occurrence. It’s a nice one-time read, but I think this will ultimately be cleared off my shelf.

So Charlie, this little girl, has the power to start fires with her mind because of one of those college test groups that gives you $50 at the end. “Take this drug, and it may be a placebo, but it also may not.” That kind of test.

Anyway, the drug both her parents took gave them small superpowers, but in their child, it amounted to more. So this secret government agency, the Shop, hunts them down to incarcerate and study the little girl. Obviously, this does not go well, and the mother dies as a result.

So now it’s father and daughter against the world, up until the Shop actually succeeds in capturing them, which is something I did not forsee. The Shop captures them, and as they try and escape, the father dies. So now it’s little girl against the world. And that’s pretty much how the book ends. Obviously, a lot more than that happens, but I recommend you reading it.

I didn’t get anything out of it other than it was an enjoyable read. I think with all my King-lovin’, most of his books actually aren’t quotable or honestly, stay with me to ponder and reflect on. IT was deep (and confusing) and made me scared of drains, and Dreamcatcher made me scared of toilets, but other than the fear factor, nothing. Don’t get me wrong. I love him like I love a good story, and the man provides good (horrifying) stories, but sometimes, I like intellectual books. Maybe I should buy the newest Malcolm Gladwell book and do a post on that (Don’t tempt me. I have enough books to read).


4 thoughts on “Firestarter by Stephen King

  1. jeffcolemanwrites

    Have you read “The Shining” and “Doctor Sleep”? I love those two books, because it’s a really good balance of depth and horror. They’re definitely two of King’s better works. Anyway, thanks for the review πŸ™‚


    1. Savannah Post author

      I loved The Shining, but haven’t yet been able to get my hands on Doctor Sleep. I need to reread The Shining before I get that, from what I hear.

      The movie was such a disappointment, wasn’t it? Sad, but King’s works rarely translate over to visual format well, mainly because most of the conflict is mental.


      1. jeffcolemanwrites

        I actually never saw the movie, but from what I’ve heard, that puts me at an advantage πŸ˜› I think “Doctor Sleep” can stand alone, though it does definitely find its fulfillment in the first book. I think as long as you remember the basics of what happened, you’re equipped to appreciate the fullness of the sequel.


      2. Savannah Post author

        I, unfortunately, do not remember the basics. I have this bad habit of speed reading, so I enjoy the story while I’m in it, but once I’m out, I pretty much forget everything. All I remember is that the topiary garden part freaked me out. It’s also been over ten years since I read the book, and my memory is bad as is haha.

        And yes, stay farrrrrrrr away from the movie. Your life will be much better without it, and if you ever feel the urge to watch it, do yourself a favor and pop in a much better movie. I recommend Lucky Number Slevin. It won’t satisfy your need for freaky movies, but it’s good nonetheless. lol


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