February Reveal Day!

It’s that time of the month, where I reveal my package from my Foodie Penpal! (brought to you by Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean). If you recall, last month’s package was not all to my taste (I was polite about it, but it was really my fault because I didn’t specify enough). This time, Christie at A Kitchen Hoor’s Adventures (see her post about what I sent her here) basically dragged the information out of me, which was a good thing. It never occurred to me to list spices, especially because I’m a “by the recipe” cook. I hope that changes one day and I can make up my own recipes, but until then, I’m stuck with whatever is online and in cookbooks.

Anyway, a little about what I sent her: She only lives about an hour and a half away, so anything “Maryland” would be useless, so I stuck to things she possibly couldn’t get. I sent her some chips I stumbled upon called “Beanitos” and some salsa to go with them. I haven’t tried to black bean and sea salt ones I sent her, but I really enjoyed the pinto beans and cheese (really, anything with cheese). I also sent some chocolates, some cherry and chocolate granola, and apple chips, because apples. The snow really screwed up my shopping, but it worked in the long run, since I went to Eddie’s instead of Wegmans this time, which meant more local stuff. I’ve also been buying a different snack every time I go there. I’m sad I discovered the cinnamon sugar pita chips after I had already sent the package. Maybe next time!

Now, drumroll please, for what I received!


The first thing I saw was the postcard, which I was touched by. I collect postcards and had randomly mentioned this, so the fact that she thought of it enough to send me one was sweet.

She included a list of everything she had put into the box that included descriptions.


Unfortunately, I had to take pictures with my cell phone because of the 5 star quality of lighting in my apartment (sarcasm),

  • So that weird black lump in a baggie, that’s black garlic. It smells…different. She doesn’t think I’ll use it, but as a lover of all things garlic, I will definitely be seeking out a recipe to use this in. I’m very curious about it. I mentioned it to M2 and she said she saw it on Top Chef, so you know if it’s on there, it’s fancy.
  • The red tinfoil wrapped item is a Chocolate Fig. I’m waiting until I see M2 again before trying it, because she said that sounded yummy and I want to share.
  • The Eurocream is a Bosnian Nutella, but better. I’m excited about that, but also nervous, because I’ve only eaten Nutella once and that was when I was 9 and it was out of the jar at a friend’s house. I’m not entirely sure what you eat Nutella on.
  • Vanilla Caramel! While I’m not a fan of caramel flavored things, I do enjoy caramels. I know, weird.
  • Annie’s Organic Berry Berry Chewy Granola Bar. Not actually that chewy, I found out. Still good, but I’m not sure I would buy it on my own. I did enjoy having berries (and not just chocolate) in my granola bars. I’m going to investigate further on this.
  • 2 Armadillos Rosemary Chickpeas. These are sitting in my desk at work and I really want to eat them, but I’ve already finished off two things from the box today. I’m trying to teach myself what “savoring” is, but it’s definitely a work in progress.
  • Justin’s Maple Almond Butter and Chocolate Hazelnut Butter. Sometimes, I forget that hazelnuts exist. I really enjoy them, so I’m looking forward to these, but I also have no idea what to eat them with. Fruit was thrown out there, and I do have some apples, so that might be a snack this weekend.
  • Blue Diamond Almonds. She also included a coupon for more! You can never go wrong with almonds.


So much stuff, it needed two pictures!

  • So I had mentioned to her that I had just gotten a slow cooker for Christmas, and she sent me three packets of slow cooker seasonings! My eye’s on that pulled pork one first.
  • Arora Indian Spice Blend. My experience with Indian food has been virtually nonexistent. I’m excited to use these! Who knows, maybe I can magically start liking vegetables when they’re seasoned?
  • Creamy Potato Soup. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
  • Mexican Spice Blend. You can never go wrong with spices. I may add this in next time I make salsa chicken, which it’s been almost two weeks since I had it. so I’m due for another round.
  • Dark Chocolate Pomegranate. She warned me these were crack. It’s safe to say that they definitely are. I got my box Wednesday night. Dinner consisted of a pickle spear, a piece of toast, and possibly more than half of that bag. Lunch at work consisted of the rest of that bag, and a sandwich to compliment it. I had actually seen this at the store when I was buying for her package and thought about getting them, but decided against it (You know, money saving and what not). It’s almost like she picked up my brainwaves.

I know I had told her I wanted to stop doing this for monetary reasons, but I love this package so much that I don’t think I will stop. This was absolutely fantastic and I thank her and I thank Lindsay. Now, if you will excuse me, I have some munchies to snack on. 🙂


One thought on “February Reveal Day!

  1. Christie

    YAY!! I’m so glad you enjoyed the box!! And yes, they ARE totally crack!! There’s three flavors of those brookside beasts. CURSE THEM! The fig? Dark chocolate ganache filled dried fig. They’re a little on the jerky side right now, but they’re still filled with dark chocolate. DUH! 🙂

    I’ve eaten the beans and half the apples. The chips probably this weekend. Used the salsa for….ironically, salsa beef! LOL

    And the black garlic. Use it in place of regular garlic. There’s a whole black garlic movement and twitter profile. They follow me. 🙂



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