Pompeii Graffiti

It’s not every band that you have a crazy “How I Met Your Mother”-esque story, but nonetheless, it exists with this band. Every good local band has a story about how you found them, right? Okay, so that’s not true, but it is true that Pompeii Graffiti and I have this weird back story as to how I even discovered them, which ultimately leads to the interview that will be posted shortly.

Meetup.com is a great thing. Unfortunately, some of the groups are filled with older people, which is fine some of the time, but when you’re searching for people your own age to hang out with (preferably without children), it can be the pits. This Annapolis photography group I joined was just that. This was only my second meetup with them, but I could tell that it would be my last. However, scavenger hunts are always appealing, so I toughed it out and wandered around the harbor area with this nice, older woman. In this photography scavenger hunt, I found the sticker seen below.


It confused me greatly. What is this for, I thought. It had no details, said nothing other than a website, but it had a picture of a dinosaur, so obviously it was something interesting.

When I got home, I went on Facebook and checked it out. Still couldn’t really find any details, so in my frustration, I wrote on the page, “WHAT ARE YOU?” (Not in caps, but you get the idea). That led to a long, involved conversation about music with one of the band members, which lead to, “We’re playing this night. You should come out and see us.”

So I kidnapped a friend and we went to the Ottobar to see them play. They were really good, and as my first local music show, I was easily impressed. I went over to their table to buy a cd when the singer introduced himself as the guy I had been talking to through the band page. I kind of shrugged him off, being myself and weirded out when I meet online people for the first time, but I did end up buying their cd.

That was a mistake. If I had held onto the memory that they were good, I would’ve gone to more shows in the beginning. Instead, what I had bought was their very first album, produced in high school. Now, my exboyfriend accused me of only liking first albums. If we had that conversation again, I could throw this one in his face. It was an album exactly how you’d expect a beginning, not so serious band to put out. I only truly liked one song on it.

So the band member I had spoken with through the Facebook page, Ahren, added me on Facebook and began inviting me out to their shows. I was iffy, but finally gave in when he said one of the bands were from out of town. I went to see them play at Metro Kitchen in Annapolis with Gloria Adios and Modern Merchant. The first band was good, but Modern Merchant simply Blew. Me. Away. Holy hell, I was in love with them. The music of Pink Floyd combined with the voice of Radiohead, it was simply wonderful and astounding and I needed to start a music blog so that the world would know of them (the blog didn’t last long). And then, Pompeii Graffiti came on.

They were spectacular, full of energy, and for the first time, I really appreciated their music. It was witty and full of humor, and there was a guitar solo that literally sent shivers down my spine. I had forgotten how good they were against how bad and inaccurate their cd was. I told this to Ahren and he laughed and said they were almost done producing a new cd (It’s out now and it’s SO much better than the first. Some months, it doesn’t even leave my car).

Since then, I’ve been to every show I could make it to, never disappointed. Ahren’s already writing the fourth album’s songs though the third one isn’t even out yet. The only thing with liking this band (a good and a bad thing) is that every show, there’s a new song Ahren wrote, which also means it’s a song you can’t ever listen to whenever you feel like it. ARGHHHHHHHH. Even worse, my favorite song, the one that held me in my seat, “Gaius”, is on the fourth album. Story of my life, right?

I apparently can’t upload music to this blog without paying money, and I’m relatively broke right now, so if you want to listen before I post the interview, check them out at www.pompeiigraffiti.bandcamp.com.


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