Photobooth Dreams

One of my dreams in life is to own my own photobooth. I love photobooth pictures! I try to get my friends to take some with me constantly, but unfortunately, most photobooths are only at the mall, and I’m not really a fan of malls. That’s too many people in one place, not to mention most of them are just rude.

So when Mary of Uncustomary Art invited me to an event on Facebook called “Photobooth Fun”, I knew I was in. She rented a photobooth for a couple of hours and we both brought props and took a bunch of crazy photos. I’m in love. ❤

So, here are the pictures I ended up with:

bjnk. This is my mermaid wig from Halloween. I never get rid of wigs, so this came in handy.

bklnNew friend! We had matching hats, so of course we had to get pictures together.

Capt Captu Captur Capture0 I’m kind of a geek. It’s kind of awesome. These were actually my first photos of my new haircut. The one with the pipe is my favorite.

Capture Capture1 vmmcg nvOkay, so Mary and I are both dumb. lol. We could see ourselves on the tv in there, but figured that we needed the numbers to be backwards because of that’s how pictures are taken. So we made them backwards….on the screen. And then I couldn’t figure out which way the 4 went. It was a whole process. So we have a correct one, and a not so correct one.

Capture4 Capture54 Magic tricks! I changed my hat, but my favorite act was turning Mary into an unicorn!

jklk I used to have hair like this in 8th grade (I wanted a spiral perm. I was not aware there was more than one kind. So I sent these pics to my mom and she thought I had actually done this to my hair again.

Capturejhnkl;mvb The gas masks are from urbexing. They also make cool pictures.

Capture5 Being a dinosaur is awesome. 😀

cgh cg I tried to do an Alice In Wonderland theme. I was not too successful.

As you can tell, I had a blast! Best day ever! If you want to see Mary’s post about this, you can find it here.


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