March Foodie Penpal Reveal Day!

AGH! This was supposed to be done on the 31st! I completely blanked out! But here it is now, and it is delicious!

This month’s trading was with Dana of Abbott House Adventures. She’s from PA, and I’ve been craving a Primani Bros. sandwich so badly that I should’ve just asked her to send me that! haha.

This is what this month’s package entailed:



So the first thing I dove into was the dried strawberries, because I love strawberries! They were extremely sweet, but I couldn’t stop eating them! Then I began munching on the sea salt chocolate and the caramels. I tried chili powder chocolate for the first time, and while it was only just okay, I did try it! This package had a lot of new and interesting things to try. I’m still waiting to see how those green tea noodles will be tasting! Thank you, Dana!

You can find what I sent her here.

Unfortunately, I am working to get my life back together (Money is very bad right now) so I will be sitting April out, and maybe more. I really enjoyed this though and hope that once I get my budget straightened out, I can continue this program!



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