Tinysaur Finds A Home


Tinysaur didn’t remember his birth. All he could recall was waking up in a pile of his brothers and sisters, awaiting the hand of love to come down and pick him out of the crowd. The hand never did come, and Tinysaur, ever the impatient one, decided it was time to branch out on his own and find his way in the world.


Tinysaur didn’t know what he was looking for, but knew he would know when he found it. He started by climbing a bright red wall and walking South.


He crossed great expanses of hard grounds. His tiny legs were getting tired, but Tinysaur would simply not give up.

Tiny 7

As Tinysaur got closer to whatever “it” was, he could feel himself drawing near. Frustrated by his height, he climbed a tree, hoping to figure out where he needed to go next.


He began to peek around corners, check every inch of this part of the city he could find.

He eventually came to a box.

Tiny 4

Imagine my surprise when I opened my mailbox and there was Tinysaur! I fell in love with Tinysaur at first sight and invited him to come live with me. He told me his story in his tiny voice, and when he told me he had found his home, we both smiled.

Tiny5Tinysaur is all moved in! Let the adventure of Jessica and Tinysaur begin!


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