The Looking Glass Wars Trilogy by Frank Beddor

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If you’ve been wondering where my book posts have been, it’s because I wanted to finish this trilogy before I posted about it. It also didn’t help that I lost interest halfway through ArchEnemy, the last book.

Now, I love Alice in Wonderland and will read pretty much any and all spin-offs from it, as well as watch the movies. I previously posted about Alice Have I Been, a really good Alice In Wonderland book. It was hard to break away from the things that book put in my head (such as Carroll being a pervert) while reading this book.

I have this terrible time with series. I must have them all in my possession before I start reading. Otherwise, I get lost or forget what I’ve read. This is what happened to the Dark Tower series and it had happened to this series once, when I originally read the first two books in high school. Oh, I was in love with them! They stayed in the back of my head for a long time until I  found one of the books at Goodwill! I had thought to myself then, “How could anyone throw out such a wonderful series?”

I know how.

Because it’s not actually wonderful.

Aly did that annoying thing where she read the book before me then pointed out all the mistakes. I like to think that I would’ve found them eventually myself, because I had never gotten to ArchEnemy before.

Do you hate puns? Hate ridiculous, over the top stereotypes? The original Alice In Wonderland was nonsensical. The Disney movie was nonsencial. 90% of all Alice In Wonderland is nonsensical. These books are just plain nonsense.

There are so many “I just want to lay my head down and cry because this book hurts so bad” moments that of course I lost interest. Okay, so The Looking Glass Wars wasn’t bad. I still really enjoyed that one. However, the unbelievability began in Seeing Redd and just kind of picked up pace until it exploded all over ArchEnemy. I finished the book this weekend and I’m still in “What the hell” mood about it.

They’re making them into a movie. Actually, they had planned this before Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland came out (which I think is actually worse than these books), so in a smart move, the project was held back, awaiting its time to shine. I would go see the movies. I’m sure that cinematically, it’s beautiful and maybe they’ll change away the annoying parts. We’ll see.

Overall, I’m cutting my ties at Looking Glass Wars. The other books don’t exist to me. I’ve done this with so many shows and book series that I’m practically professional at this. If you want to read it, I strongly suggest not buying them and just getting them from the library.




3 thoughts on “The Looking Glass Wars Trilogy by Frank Beddor

  1. Asylum Attendant

    It’s interesting that I came across your post, since I just finished the first book in this series. I thought it was good, but not stellar. I expected the Looking Glass maze to be more exciting than it was. Now I’m questioning whether I should read the other two (I haven’t bought them yet). A movie would be cool.


    1. Jessica Post author

      I wouldn’t recommend it, unless you have so much time that you can read bad books and be okay with that. It is sad that the concept is so great but the execution was not.



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