A Kick In The Pants

Why do bad things happen to complicated people? (I can’t in all honesty call myself a good person).

My already unaffordable rent is going to rise up $115 in the next month. It’s difficult not to feel instantaneously overwhelmed when you get news like that and have nothing in the bank for you to just go, “Hey, no problem.”

I’m a little perturbed at the 30 day notice. The notice states that I still have to give them 60 days before I move out, which means I have to pay a month of the increased rent. That’s hardly fair. I mean, this apartment’s barely worth what I pay now. It is most definitely not worth what they want me to pay. M2 says it’s cause of the location.

So what this means:
-I was starting to look at getting a loan for a new car because mine is currently surviving on miracles. This will have to be postponed and hopefully my car will be able to handle that.
-I have to move. That is definite. I was planning to move anyway, but I wanted it to be on my own time, and when I had the money to do so.
-I will have to get a roommate (more than likely). Looking at prices and how little money I have, a roommate is a logical solution. This, for antisocial/social anxiety me, is a problem. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve had a legit roommate and not just the landlord who lives upstairs (basement apartments). I have deemed myself unlivable with people.
-I have to get rid of stuff. I’m already starting to thin out my material possessions. I’m unsure of how to approach things such as kitchen items, like a microwave. Obviously, they will already have a microwave, so what do I do with mine? Get rid of it and buy a new one when I move out? Rent a storage units? Beg someone in my family to let me store stuff there? (This one is least likely as my family is butts).

There is good in this, I suppose. I did want to move out of here, after all, and it usually takes a kick in the pants to get me to do much of anything life important.

Things I will be happy to leave behind:
-The fact that I could go weeks without talking to anyone
-The dumpster being outside my window
-Being on the bottom floor
-The smell of the dumpster when it rains hard and my windows are open
-People on the ground being able to see into my apartment
-Dim lights
-Not having a real bedroom
-The location
-The shitty rental company
-The horribly cold winters

Things I will miss:
-My window ledges
-My own kitchen
-The fireplace that holds my TV up. I guess I’ll need to get a TV stand now
-The location
-The fact that I could go weeks without talking to anyone
-My own rules, aka doing what I want, when I want
-Control of the thermostat
-My own decoration scheme, aka my Batman bathroom.

Things I’m hoping the next apartment will have:
-A fire escape
-A bigger closet
-A washer/dryer inside the apartment that does not require quarters
-An actual scene when I look out the windows, not just staring into another building
-A cool, geeky roommate

I’ve already started looking and have an interview tonight at what looks like to be a nice apartment, and it’s not too far from here! Fingers crossed!


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