Escaping Escapism Part One



This is a two part post. The first part, this, will be focusing on how rampant escapism is in our society. Part two will be posted after my “Escape Escapsim” challenge, which I encourage everyone to try.

As someone who spent all of yesterday playing through Dragon Age: Origins, with only bathroom and food breaks, I know about escapism. I know how easy it is to zone out of your life, to forget your problems and focus on whether or not Emily and Jack will be getting together or what secrets these so-called Utopian societies hold. I’ve been there.

So believe me when I say that escaping all the time is starting to get old.

I began to realize how annoyed I am with escapism last weekend. A group of friends and I decided to take a trip to the country. When we got there, half of us just laid on the couch, ignoring the fact that we were somewhere different, that this was a new experience. I want to yell, “Why are you wasting this shift in our realities with television? This could be so much better if you just turned that off and allowed yourself to feel this change wholly!”

Of course, I did not yell that, and over the next few days, I started to notice that so much of what we do is escapism from true experiences. Television is the easiest one, but there’s also video games, reading, even Facebook. Can I tell you that one of my biggest pet peeves is people just constantly on their phones when we’re hanging out? By removing yourself from the situation mentally, that’s escapism and in the phone case, that’s just rude.

Most of what I own is packed away right now, but that’s no excuse for the fact that I come home and sit on my ass watching Netflix or dive back into DA: O. There’s so many things I want to do, want to experience, but I’m not sure how to go about it because escapism has become my whole life (Also, I’m really broke. Having money helps.)

So how do you escape this incessant need to check out of our own lives? Every activity I can think of only lasts a little while, and I’m speaking on this from someone who can’t pay to go somewhere and do something, which would make this so much easier. Thus, the Escape Escapism Challenge was born.

For the next 24 hours. I will not use any form of escapism. That’s not saying I can’t use my phone, but I can’t play on it excessively. I can check messages on Facebook, but not scroll through feeds for hours on end. I will be staying off of Pinterest (I’m onto you). Television is gone, but surprisingly video games will not be. In cases of the Just Dance games or the Wii Sports, games where you’re aware of your surroundings, that’s not escapism in my eyes. Spending hours on the internet is gone. Books, if they are not teaching you anything, such as “How to Speak Russian”, they are gone. For 24 hours, I will be aware of the world around me. Tomorrow, I will do a post of how this went and what you can do instead of escaping your life.


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