Escape Escapism Part Two

So yesterday I posted about the perils of escapism and took the “staying mentally conscious for 24 hours” challenge. And what I’ve learned is…it’s EXHAUSTING. After my walk yesterday, I wanted nothing more than to come home and lay on my bed and watch tv. As my casserole was cooking for an hour in the oven, I wanted to just cozy on over to my Dragon Age and make sweet, sweet gamer love to it. Instead, I did thing. Many things, actually, and for the first time in a good while, my Sunday was full of accomplishments. I may take up this challenge again sometime, with money and with more candidates Having friends definitely helps. 

So what do you to to avoid blankly staring at a screen? Here are a list of activities that do not require mentally checking out:

  • Walk. I love the city. I love how convenient it is to walk everywhere. Yesterday, I walked around Station North and took pictures of the murals that are scattered through there. With my headphones on and a devil-may-care attitude, it was fun. Better yet, I managed to avoid getting mugged!
  • Draw. Paint. Photograph. Just art all over the place. 
  • Write. Journal. Take a notebook and go sit in a crowded area and just people watch. If you see something good, write a story about that person. 
  • Clean. It’s not fun, but it is nice to come home to a clean apartment.
  • Cook! Not only does this make food, but it also can be fun. Pretend you’re putting on a cooking show. Put on some music and dance while you cook.
  • Speaking of dancing, not all video games are off limits. Games such as Just Dance and Wii Sports, games that require your active participation, are okay because you’re physically stimulated.
  • Go play some sports. 
  • Gather up some friends and have a board game night!
  • Reply to those pesky emails you’ve been putting off, or that letter you just haven’t found the time to write. 
  • Not all reading is off limits. Find some poetry, learn a new language, read some scientific journals (Buzzfeed does not equal science).
  • Go volunteer at a run or a festival, or if you follow AVAM’s Facebook, go sign up for a shift making the mosiac! I’m helping out the next two Saturdays! 

Now, if you have money, here’s a list of better things you could do:

  • Go to an amusement park.
  • Go to the Renaissance Faire.
  • Batting cages anyone? How about some mini-golf?
  • Rock climbing, camping, just general hiking. Outside is full of possibilities, and if it’s not too cold, swimming!
  • Just go driving.
  • Go to a museum. DC has free museums. You just have to pay for getting there. That’ll take up your whole day.
  • Find a costume shop and just spend hours trying things on. 

In what ways do you escape escapism?


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