Fall 2014 Resolutions


Why do we only do resolutions once a year? In one year, people change, goals can change, so why can’t our resolutions? Thus, enters Jaye’s seasonal resolutions, and let me tell you, these are some good ones. What I enjoy about making seasonal resolutions is that they’re short-term. That means it’s time to get your ass in gear! Stop just pinning stuff on Pinterest and start doing it!

  • Budget. Learning to budget was on my 2014 total resolution list, and yet, this year I have known poverty. My bank account hasn’t seen a positive dollar amount in quite some time. Luckily, I have moved and life is cheaper, so it’s the perfect time for me to learn, especially since I plan on moving out as soon as I get a handle on these pesky finances.
  • Go to New York. It does look back when I say things like, “I’m going to budget!” and in the next breath, tell you how I’m planning a trip to NYC. It’s not like I’ll be paying for a hotel, though. I’m heading up to once again avoid the Maryland birthday as well as see my best friend who lives there. All I have to pay for is food, fun, and the train tickets.
  • Get a new tattoo. 2014 is running out and my total resolution of getting a new tat hasn’t occurred yet! Luckily, this problem was offered a solution when my New York best friend said, “I want a tattoo,” to which I replied, “Let’s get matching tattoos!” I have a different friend in New York who is researching parlors there so that during my birthday trip, Jay and I will get J2 on our wrists (it’s what we refer to ourselves). It’s simple, cheap, and it’ll be her first!
  • Start either a happiness journal or a grateful journal. Winter is coming and it feels as though it never even left. As someone who deals with self-diagnosed seasonal depression, I’m gearing up to make this winter a lot better for my mental health. Bring it, winter! I’ll be ready for you this year!
  • Lose 15 pounds. Lose weight was a total resolution, and though I’ve tried halfheartedly, my weight remains unchanged. Thus, if I give myself this smaller resolution, perhaps I can achieve it! And honestly, it’s not healthy to weigh this much and I’m not happy with myself. I need this and if it appears more reachable than just “lose weight”, I think I can actually accomplish this.
  • Read 5 books off the bookshelf. I am not allowed to buy more books until I read the ones I have, mainly because there is no more room to store new books. Five books are doable. Fall is for cleaning off your bookshelves.
  • Go to a pumpkin farm. I have missed 90% of events I wanted to attend this year because I have been too broke or because the AwesomeCon people were dumb enough to schedule the convention Easter weekend. I love fall, and I want to fully enjoy fall and I’m going to a pumpkin farm, dammit!
  • Take more pictures. You can never have too many fall photos and I haven’t been picking up my camera too often lately. Let’s change that.
  • Write more.
  • Post to the blog more.
  • Send 5 entries for publication. Get published is a total resolution, so let’s get started submitting, shall we?
  • Start preparing Christmas presents. As someone who is planning on having a relatively cheap Christmas this year (I spent over $100 on one person’s gift, and that was only one of her gifts), that involves a lot of homemaking, and that involves time. Unlike my beloved M2, I will not be going to the store on Christmas Eve to buy presents for the people I care about. I will start my cookie baking and my present making in November. I’m going to win at this Christmas thing this year!
  • Take better care of myself. As someone who used to work in a restaurant, I still retain that mentality of “I don’t have health insurance so I can’t do anything.” I do have health insurance now, so it’s time to start buckling down and at least schedule some doctor’s appointments. I would really like to get my tooth fixed before the next year begins.

So these are my resolutions for this chilly season! Are you going to make some resolutions for yourself? What are they?


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