Liar Liar: Telling The Truth For 24 Hours


This Saturday, I took on a personal challenge of only telling the truth for 24 hours. With this challenge, I thought it would be fun and also let me know how much I lie in a day. I’m generally an honest, open person, so I was curious if this experience would blow apart my perceptions of myself.

The result was…disappointing. There weren’t any awkward questions, nothing I really had to lie about. I will say the hardest part of the challenge was not exaggerating and not being sarcastic. I didn’t do so well with the non-sarcasm. It’s ingrained into my soul. Other than that, I really am an honest person. What a let down.

I’m thinking of doing a different personal challenge next time, this one only telling lies for 24 hours. I feel like that one will be a lot more interesting. And this time, I won’t announce it anywhere. Am I telling the truth? You just might not know.


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