22 Pictures That Describe 22

So this year, I came up with the idea of doing “__ Pictures Of Being __”, which is a pretty rad idea. Unfortunately, I came up with this idea in August, meaning there wasn’t much of 22 left for me to do pictures of. Here instead is a rough outline of what next year’s actual project, “23 Pictures of Being 23” will look like, only it’s 22 Pictures of Being 22. I really hope I have enough pictures of myself. 23 Pictures will be a self portrait project, but unfortunately, I did not take 22 self portraits to do a better outline of next year’s project. So maybe this is more just highlights of being 22. One stipulation, I have to be in all the pictures.


Remember last year’s birthday? I rented a car and drove from Maryland to Illinois to meet an online friend. It was my first really big solo road trip! We celebrated by going to the Field Museum in Chicago. I drove home the next day and found a White Castle! Thus, my first self portrait of being 22.


Sean came and stayed with me for a week! We celebrated Thanksgiving by watching the Star Wars movie in technical order.


 First self portrait of the 2014!


Remember that photobooth excellence from the beginning of the year? Also, I cut all my hair off!


Kay, Jay, and I went to the secret beach! It was Jay’s first Cracker Barrel experience!


My super cool self portrait that I actually want to represent the new project.


Josh and I got reacquainted.


  Buster and I got a matching prescription


 Sean graduated! I’m still so very proud of him!


 Awesome paint fight? Check.


There was a family reunion of sorts.


I met my cousin, Cory, for the first time. And he is pretty okay.


 I made a bunch of friends and discovered what was to become my favorite bar! This night started a lot of things for me!


I went to Hershey Park with a bunch of really cool people! Jukeboxes take photos! I got a free juicer! Definitely a weekend for the books.


  Bar crawl 2014. I was not aware I could drink so much before.


 Hiking at Great Falls! There was a lot more hiking this year.


Sad surprise birthday party is sad.


This was the first time I’d been to Calvert Cliffs in at least 17 years!


It wouldn’t be a projection of a self portrait project without some self portraits!


Definitely one of my more interesting self portrait years.


First time hiking at Gunpowder Falls! No falls, so I was a little disappointed.


Cool Halloween costumes, cool friends who will dress up with you and also take pictures. I can’t get over how cool we are.

Tomorrow, I turn 23, which being an odd numbered year, means it’s going to be great! I’m in New York right now, celebrating with good friends. Tune in next year for my actual project, 23 Pictures Of Being 23, and next week for my New York write up.


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