Top Eight Must Try New York Foods

Sorry it took me so long to post this. My laptop has been acting up lately, but I haven’t stopped blogging, so the queue will be well filled when this decides to happen again.

Anyway, there are so many things I could point out to you about what happened to me the five days I was in New York City, but this post focuses on the most important of them all: Food. When people ask me what I did in New York, I tell them that I almost, quite literally, ate my way through the city. If you follow my Instagram, you’ve probably thought this as well. My biggest NYC regret is that I hadn’t eaten more.

And while there were some bombs as far as food, there was more good out in the city. This post talks about the good. I may never speak of the bad (because it might offend some very nice people), but when it was good food, it was great. If you’re heading out to NYC, or even live there, check out some of these dishes.

Here are my top eight places for food and drink in NYC, as written by a picky eater:

  1. 1908438_881018675244716_5247971966008706235_nRamen Burger from Smorgasburg/Berg’n. My absolute favorite discovery was made in Brooklyn at a festival I had researched beforehand, called Smorgasburg. The line for the burger was long, and I almost didn’t get in it but when my friend got in line, I had him get me one as well. To describe the delectableness of the ramen burger might just be impossible. It’s soft ramen patties in place of the bun, with teriyaki sauce on a burger. I will be trying to replicate this in my spare time, and maybe try a Bubba burger patty. While Smorgasburg closes in November, apparently there’s a restaurant called Berg’n where you can also get them.
  2. 10801985_881612598518657_5162376765823209236_nChicken And Rice from The Halal Guys. So my friend kept talking about this place almost nonstop, and I didn’t get it. Chicken and rice? I can get that anywhere. What’s so special about chicken and rice? And then I tried a bite, and GODDAMN. Chicken, orange rice, pita bread, lettuce, and some kind of white sauce make up this irresistible dish. This cart has been so successful that it is one of two, and that doesn’t include the restaurant they also have. Do yourself a favor and check this place out. Go hungry, though, cause it is a good amount of food.
  3. 10387700_880434705303113_7240579797105282717_nFuji Apple Pie Crepe from Eight Turn Crepe. I did not know that I liked crepes, but I had researched and found the apple crepe and knew I must go. Wow. I got the apple pie crepe (without the raisins, of course) and my friend got the Chocolate Banana crepe and there was just really no bad choice you could make there. I wanted to go visit this place every day to try a new crepe. How about opening one of these up in Baltimore, guys?
  4. 10702050_881016608578256_5402335812826253243_nLe Casablanca from Marrakesh. I am a picky eater, but I decided to be adventurous while at Smorgasburg. I saw garlic on the menu and figured this might just be safe enough to eat. It was beef skirt steak braised in saffron, cumin, turmeric, garlic, and ten spice mix (I took a picture of the sign). It had possibly yogurt on it? I got the last one, and I gotta say, if this is being an adult, it’s pretty delicious. Unfortunately, I do not know if they have a shop outside of Smorgasburg.
  5. Apple and Ginger Cider from Smorgasburg. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the name of the stand, other than “the place that serves takoyaki.” My friend and I were cold, so we got this, and I love apples, so this was a bonus for me. My friend had his first and warned me that the first sip was weird, but to give it a chance. Definitely weird, but definitely delicious.
  6. 10417494_882749591738291_1326809335873965933_nPierogies from Veselka. If this place was in Baltimore, I’d never leave. Super delicious Ukrainian food with a wait staff of attractive males? Yes please, I would like one of everything. And while pierogies aren’t a new food for me, I did try a meat pierogie, which was good, a cheese pierogie, which I am still confused about, and a spinach and cheese pierogie, which was okay. Potato pierogies was where it was at though. And it was my birthday, and I wanted good pierogies. It’s not like I get to eat them all the time, since I have yet to successfully make them myself.
  7. 1920500_882225708457346_6204547905806857183_nGood Morning Dog from Crif Dogs. If you like weird hot dogs, this is the place for you. Very dive bar-ish, but very cool atmosphere. The tables had games like Pac-Man and Space Invaders in it, and the hot dog was pretty good. I didn’t go too adventurous on this one, because peanut butter on a hot dog just doesn’t seem okay with me, but bacon and an egg were just kind of perfect.
  8. Troublemaker from Atta Boy. I love speakeasys (speakeasies?) and this one just takes the freaking cake. You wouldn’t know this place from just another run down building in Chinatown, if it wasn’t for the “AB” marked in mailbox stickers on the door. The blackout curtains do a good job of hiding the dim light inside the bar, and the window advertises this place as an old dry cleaners. Once inside, the music is playing indie rock and the bartender who seats us is cute. It’s packed, in a “there’s fifteen people inside a small area” kind of way. The drinks, which I order a “You decide for me” way, are delicious, and worth the $16 a piece. And because I didn’t cause a fuss about it being my birthday, the bartender brings over free pineapple daiquiri shots for the whole table (and takes one himself). I have died and gone to hipster heaven.

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