The Five Year Flashback

In honor of my birthday passing, it’s time to look back to how far I’ve come from that tender age of eighteen. Eighteen was exactly when my life just, as the Fresh Prince himself puts it, “twist-turned upside down”. Let’s do a then and now comparison, shall we?


Eighteen: Living with Brandon’s aunt, then living with Brandon and his family. No license, no car. No job. Going to community college for unknown reason. Head over heels with Brandon. Best friend is Nikki. Still using Myspace. Long hair. 180 pounds. Carefree. Irresponsible. Naïve. Angry. Dependent. Heavy into writing and Deviantart.


Reading this, I can’t help but feel as though everything has changed. At 23, I live with actual roommates, but I’m signing on an apartment to live alone again soon. I have my license and a car and a job, one with benefits. I stopped going to college. I’m not in love or like with anyone. My best friend is still Nikki, but I added on Jay and Raquel and House. Myspace was traded for Facebook. I’m trying to regrow out my hair, but it’s still pretty short. My weight is definitely not 180 pounds anymore. I’m responsible…ish. I’m still naïve in some things, but not the way I was at 18. I’m still angry, but it’s not as raw. I’m independent. I haven’t written anything in a long time.

But what about what has stayed the same? I’m still adventurous and spontaneous. I still like the same music. I play the same video games, though they aren’t as important as they once were. I still have the same sense of humor. I believe that’s where the similarities stop though, though I did ask Nikki what stayed the same. Her answer? “Your height.”

Thanks a lot.


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