New Year, New Apartment

It’s the first day of a New Year, lovelies! Are you stoked?

I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t been able to update you on my most excellent news! Beginning on December 26, 2014, I began to move my boxes out of the old place and into the new! We finished moving everything over on the 27th. My aunt pitched in with her truck, so I didn’t have to rent a vehicle, which is good because I had to pay to fix my car.

I’m very appreciative to the friends who showed up to help me move. I’m currently trying to decide about how I feel about the rest of my friends who didn’t. I want to be a more positive person, but it’s a shitty feeling to know that you can’t rely on people. Isn’t friendship supposed to be built on reliability? But to those 3 friends who came through, I owe you guys a favor, some of you more than one.

About the new place: It’s a studio apartment, but big enough that I can have a couch/another bed in the main room. There’s a kitchen that’s a good size (but storage sucks, so I’m looking into getting an island). The oven doesn’t work right now, but the stove does. I have access to my fire escape, which is what I’ve wanted my whole life. Then there’s also a hallway. It contains two closets, both walk in, and two skylights, along with a built in bookshelf. I’m going crazy with this much storage possibility! After living in areas where everything is pretty much on display, I just want to hide everything back there!

I freaked myself out the first night. I kept telling people it was haunted and that was why the price was so good, but then I had to sleep with a light on that first night. No ghosts yet, but I keep hearing sounds like there’s an apartment above me, which is impossible since I’m on the top floor. The stairs are kicking my ass, but I’m just so in love!!!

I put up my Michael Fassbender 2015 calendar last night, along with my resolution dry-erase board. It’s slow work right now, putting stuff away, hanging things up. One of my friends has convinced me to start getting rid of some of my things, so I’ve been on a decluttering spree. I mean, I really need only one pie plate, not 5.

This is definitely my favorite place yet! I’m so excited to see what memories this place will gain throughout the year!


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