Unwanted Situations


Last year, I found out a key fact to my life: If I didn’t want to go somewhere, but pushed myself to do so, I ended up having a really fun time. So I’ve been making it my motto lately that if I don’t want to go, I have to go. This has led to friendships, weird pickup lines, and spontaneous adventure. I’m not saying that if I feel a situation is dangerous, I won’t go. I’m sensible about this. It’s more that I just have this general feeling of not wanting to leave the warmth of the house, or that I don’t feel like interacting with people. These nights lead to some of my best times. So push yourself the next time you just want to stay in. Go ahead and make your excuses, but try to see around them. I’m not saying that every time you don’t want to go to karaoke on Mondays, you absolutely have to. It is okay to rest sometimes, but if there’s an event that isn’t weekly happening that you don’t want to go to, go ahead and dress yourself. Whine about having to leave the comforts of your home, but make sure you actually do it. You might surprise yourself by what you find waiting for you at that party you had rsvped as a maybe. Maybe it’s some cute guy. Maybe it’s a chance to reconnect with some old friends. Maybe it’s finding a new group of friends who share some interests with you that none of your regular people have. And maybe, that night might just change your life. You’ll never know if you don’t go.


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