The Pull Report 1.22.15

This week, I was featured on Yes & Yes for my trichotillomania. You can definitely tell this article was written a couple months ago, so I decided it was time for an update.

There have been some drastic changes since I did that interview, almost immediately after. I can’t tell you why my pull scale slide from a lazy three to a hasty seven, but it did. Honestly, it probably had to do with the move (which is over, thank goodness). That was really stressful though, not to mention I was on this birth control that was making me crazy and work has been a trial.

So, let’s start with the first offense:


I pulled most of my eyebrow out, and then, feeling guilty about it, pulled the other. I’ve been drawing them on, which I actually kind of like better than having eyebrows cause I can make them thin. I do not like reaching up to scratch them and my fingers coming back stained with eyeliner. I am curious as to why I never drew them on the whole time growing up. That would’ve made school life a thousand times easier.

So that happened, and then I forbid myself to keep pulling from there. Sadly, I broke my vow of not pulling from my head and this happened:

IMG_20141223_152247I realize that’s a bad picture. Luckily, that’s easy to hide (but I love having my hair up). I also have all the wisps around my ears gone, so I’m very uneven right now.

Responses to the article:Β 

I shared Sarah’s article on Facebook once it came out, and responses have been surprisingly good. A few people that I know stalk my Facebook haven’t liked or commented on it, so I wonder if I offended them in some way.

The friend I mentioned in the article, Lindsey, actually shared it on her page. Since then, two people from elementary school added me on Facebook. They haven’t tried to talk to me, so I don’t know why they did that, but that’s a completely other post.

Lindsey and I talked a little about the article and she mentioned how I threw my mother under the bus. I don’t think I did. You have to understand, there was nothing good about that relationship at that time in my life. My mother did use my trich like I was intentionally hurting her, but I have to hand it to her, she did pay for all of the therapy that followed (or my dad did, but my mom took me to the sessions). My mother has read the article, and her response was “Great interview!! I’m so proud of you!!!” She has been oddly supportive lately….

A few other comments included people listing others they knew with it, how they remember how hard this disease has been for me, and how brave I am to share the story. One friend even said she used to have it and if I ever wanted to talk to her or distract myself to contact her.

Funny thing is, people keep saying how brave I am. I don’t feel brave. Every time I pull, I feel like a coward. Talking about trich isn’t brave to me. Finding the strength to stop pulling is.


5 thoughts on “The Pull Report 1.22.15

  1. hadhopeamy

    Such a good post! I can relate to a lot of the things you said – I have dermatillomania. Until a few weeks ago I hadn’t told anyone eithe rbut I have mentioned it in a couple of blog posts recently. Since then I have made a facebook specifically for writing where I have joined a dermatillomania support group and I have also had two guest posts published where I talk about my dermatillomania. I hope to rasie awareness for both dermatillomania and trich due to them being closely linked. If you’re at all interested in doing a guest post on my blog then I’d love to have you. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jo Post author


      Thank you for the compliment! I actually have dermotillomania as well-it’s actually what led me to pulling. I haven’t joined any support groups, though I’ve been looking. Would you mind linking me to some?

      I’m flattered at your offer of a guest post. I’d be more than happy to! Would you like to guest post on mine? I mainly talk about trich, so a post on dermatillomania would be a nice change. πŸ™‚

      My email is It’d be easier to talk on there as far as guest posting. Hope to hear from you soon!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. hadhopeamy

        Thank you very much for the reply, i’ll be sure to e-mail you when I get home from work! It may help for you to e-mail me since I am working till late. I’d love to write a guest post so if you e-mailed with what youd like me to talk about, word limits and deadlines then that’d be great! Thank you πŸ™‚


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