Cousin Bonding: DC Area Edition

You know what? I’m not going to write a post about my broken car window. I was going to, but we’re going to focus on the positive and pure fun that was this weekend.

I love making resolutions, though I barely follow through on them. A few months ago, I secretly made a resolution to myself: to spend time with the family I like. As I am being pushed out of M2’s family, I’ve been feeling utterly…alone, though I have a really big family. A lot of my relatives tease how they only see me around Christmas, so I’ve been trying to fix that as much as I can.

So this weekend, my cousin, Leigh, finally called me up and told me she was off Sunday, which is extremely rare for her. I took the Marc into DC and met her at The Hamilton. I was awfully glad that I dressed up. Everyone seemed to be really fancy. We ordered Hamilton burgers and Sparkling Blood Orange Sangria, both of which were tasty.


We also got beignets. It was my first time with them, and ohmygoodness, I am in LOVE. Pair that with some apple butter, and it’s my new favorite dessert.


We didn’t get to bed until after 3am. We ended up driving around the city, looking at the sights and just talking. I found out a bunch of neat things about her that I didn’t know before, such as she volunteers at homeless shelters in her free time, she likes foreign films and video games, and that her favorite food quest is the hamburger.

The next day, she gave me my Christmas/birthday presents, and I am just in love with this necklace she got me. It’s a silver oval with butterflies etched into it. We went to Paper Source, where I bought this adorable little owl stamp and pretty feather journal, then we went to The Bulletin. Let’s just take a minute to look at these:

10404372_927684543911462_5937777193614134327_n 10513334_927684463911470_754868705296540950_n 10930945_927684713911445_8135743203038036948_n 10940587_927684650578118_4126799831544962060_n 10943863_927684603911456_7562877352984014195_n

Forgive the crappy cell phone pictures. Cell phone camera is all I have available right now.

So what are these? They are HOMEMADE POP-TARTS. WHATTTT???? And warmed up, they are GOOD. Super sweet, but good. I got the Strawberry, cause it’s my favorite, but don’t these just look fabulous?

Then we went to World Market, which I just love more than anything. I was good and kept my spending to a minimum, but I did end up buying Duplo, my favorite candy in the world. Then, my cousin told me that she found this place, Holy Cow, that supposedly had the best frozen hot chocolate, one of my food quest items. They don’t call it a frozen hot chocolate. If you’re looking for it, it’s a chocolate marshmallow milkshake. Pretty good, but I’ve had better. But the burger we got?


This is called Holy Pig. It’s a burger with pulled pork and BBQ on it, and wow, it is simply the best of both worlds!

Then we went to IKEA. I had never been there before, and I have fallen in love with my future couch.

It was so much fun, hanging out and actually getting to know my cousin! I hope that we’ll get more time to hang out with each other. I wish we had gotten photobooth pictures. I kept an eye out for one, but no dice. And we didn’t selfie.

For anyone who is curious how we’re related, she is M1’s oldest sister’s niece.


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