Waxing Versus Shaving

Last night, I shaved.

I feel so ashamed to admit it, but my smooth skin says otherwise.

To understand why I’m upset, you have to understand that for the last two years, I have spent thousands of dollars to try and get myself to the perfect hairless standard I have set for myself. This has been a very important journey, but last night, when I bought that pack of pink razors, I gave in. My journey with this has officially ended.

The fortunate part is now you can make a more informed choice on how to take care of that pesky hair.



There are several reasons as to why I strayed from shaving. For one, it hurts. I nick myself constantly. The stubble on my legs will burn. Another reason is that, with my Russian heritage, it doesn’t stay gone long. If I shave in the morning, stubble is there that night. Sometimes it won’t even wait that long (why can’t my regular hair grow at that rate?) Even when I do shave, you can see little black markings of hair underneath my skin. It’s gross I tell you.

For me, those are big reasons, but the reasons to keep shaving were ultimately stronger. The main reason I came back? It’s cheap. The other reason? It’s convenient. I like convenience. Plus I read this article about using conditioner to shave, and since I use the best (Aussie), my limbs feel AMAZING.



I am permanently on a search for how to get and remain hairless. This was not that ultimate solution, but it did help. My hair stayed away longer. No little black bumps of hair hiding beneath my skin. It felt wonderful.

What did not feel wonderful was the hair being ripped from my body. If you follow my twitter, you know I would’ve confessed to anything when they tore my hair out. Surely this is a form of torture somewhere. What was not great was how expensive it was and how each time my hair seemed to grow back faster. What generally just sucked was how I’d have to let my body hair grow in order for it to be removed again.

You can try at home waxing kits, but it’s hard to voluntarily put yourself in so much pain. I still recommend waxing for lips, bikinis, and eyebrows (though you can totally tweeze your eyebrows yourself). I heard laser removal is much the same as waxing as far as your hair will keep coming back and it’s expensive. Nair is nice to think about, but ridiculously unhealthy for your skin and half the time, it doesn’t work.

Somewhere out there is the magical remedy to end all hair growth, right?


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