Throwback Thursday: Florida Trip 2014

Recently, I got the idea to start doing a TBT blog post. This idea evolved into what it is now, a chance to post about something I missed the window for. For example, today’s post about the trip I took last April. I talked about it, but I never did a write up. The longer I waited to do it, the more ridiculous it seemed. TBT posts give me that chance to post situations such as this.

And just for the record, I did try to do a write up. The words just wouldn’t come.

If you’ve been with this blog for awhile, you should remember the post I had made about how nervous and excited I was to get reunited with my best friend, adopted brother, and cousin, Josh. This is the reason I’ve had trouble writing this post. It’s been difficult to explain what I felt when I saw him after all these years. I’m glad I waited though, because now I can give you the aftermath of the trip.

I flew down to Florida with Josh’s mom, my aunt, Bonnie. We arrived at what I considered a nice hotel, but my aunt considered not as nice as the one she usually stayed in. “Why didn’t you book that one then?” I thought to myself. This would not be the last time I had this thought.

To say that my aunt drove me crazy is an understatement. When I take trips, I usually do it solo, and for good reason. I’m a fairly entertaining person, and the conversations I have with myself are pretty intriguing. The conversations with my aunt were not so interesting. She would repeat things several times, and tell me stories about what had literally just happened. Uh, I was there, remember? Also, she would talk about people’s weight constantly! Her weight, my weight, Josh’s weight, his girlfriend’s weight, other family member’s weight. Is that an age thing? I don’t find that kind of talk appropriate. Someone’s weight is their business unless it gets unhealthy. Even then, it is not to be obsessed over. That’s their weight.

The thing that got on my nerves the most though was that she would berate Josh and his girlfriend would join in. We were on the beach, so I got fed up and just walked away. Why would my cousin ever want his mother to visit when all she does is talk down to him?

I did enjoy this trip though, I swear, though I would’ve done a lot of things differently, such as restaurants. When I travel, I want to go local; someplace we don’t have at home. My aunt wanted Chili’s and Cracker Barrel and Sonic. I did get to go to a Tastee Freeze and a What-A-Burger, which made me wonder if their sign or Wonder Woman came first.

And remeeting my cousin? I kind of gathered from his Facebook that we didn’t share some of the same ideals. He had posted that homosexuals shouldn’t be allowed to marry. It took all of my strength not to argue with him about that. Can he still be this great person I remembered him to be if he didn’t share one of my core beliefs?

He was great, just not the greatest. It was like when you start to see your parents’ flaws. I began to see his flaws. Luckily he didn’t mention the whole gay marriage thing, because I can stop myself on the internet, but not so much in person. He preached a little. I remembered in his letters from prison that he had turned some religious, but luckily that didn’t interfere too much with his personality.

He’s still fun, still silly. He and I did this telegram game, something we picked up without even talking about it. We started saying “Stop” after every sentence, and even after other people’s sentences. He looked at me as we played, and I looked at him, and I felt that connection. It was still there.

We’re different people now. We’re older, more mature. We’ve learned a lot, and we share different ideals now. We’re still family though. He’s still Josh and I’m still Jo and we’re still those two little kids making forts and causing trouble.

Unfortunately, he sucks at long distance communication.

See some pictures from the trip!

10156093_779676305378954_1089217224208824704_n 1782068_777250128954905_5871227421958527017_n

How cool is this tree?

How cool is this tree?

Wow, this hot dog is creepy.

Wow, this hot dog is creepy.


DSC_0228 DSC_0198


10268491_779677245378860_7983800955146921663_n 10314726_779677922045459_5476049633969327188_n



There was this crazy storm!

There was this crazy storm!

It flooded like crazy.

It flooded like crazy.

And finally, us reunited.

You know I'm a sucker for photobooths.

You know I’m a sucker for photobooths.




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