5 Fandom Fridays: Favorite Fandom Accessories

I found something so cool today! Every Friday, the ladies of Female Geek Bloggers post about their fandoms, and as a fellow geek, I am both very excited about this and will be participating from now on.

So this one was easy for me. I honestly could’ve done this whole post with just my Batman stuff. As it is, I tried to diversify.

1. Batman Belt


I needed a belt and when I saw this at Rugged Wearhouse, I knew it would be mine.

2. Alice In Wonderland Necklace


I love Alice In Wonderland. Not the Tim Burton ones, but all others. I watch every kind of run off and am working toward getting the American McGee game. Someone sent this to me on Swap-bot from an Alice In Wonderland swap. Cause of the color, I don’t wear it a lot, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love it any less!

3. Nightmare Before Christmas Earrings


At this point, is there anyone who isn’t a member of the NBC fandom?

4. Batman Converses


My first pair of Converses. When I saw them when browsing with a friend, I fell in love. The Harley chucks don’t really fit, but shhh. I’ll bind my feet if I have to.

5. Jayne hat

555079_656678401012079_1819404125_nA man walks down the street in that hat, people know he’s not afraid of anything.

Tune in next Friday for Favorite Funko Pop Figures!!!


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