X-Men: Dark Mirror by Marjorie M. Liu


I haven’t posted about the books I’ve been reading lately. That might be because I’ve fallen across a few duds. That might also be because I keep falling back into what I consider my “safe” authors. You know the ones. You already love them, so you’re not taking a huge risk by reading one of their books.

This is the first new author book I’ve read in quite some time, and it’s the first comic book series to novel that I’ve read as well. I don’t have a preference between novels and comics, though for this one, I would LOVE to see it in comic form. You’ll see why as you keep reading.

X-Men: Dark Mirror is written by an actual comic writer, which is why I think the characters were true to themselves and the writing is very true to the regular plotline. I could definitely believe this was canon. This book was funny, and I enjoyed it quite a lot. This is going to be one of those books that when someone mentions they like X-Men, I’ll say, “Oh, have you read this book?”

I picked this up at a used bookstore (always the best place to buy books) and it seemed like something I might like. The story is about how the X-Men, namely Scott, Jean, Wovlerine, Kurt, and Rogue switch bodies with other people. Scott and Wolverine end up as women (which is why I want this in comic form) and Jean ends up as a man. Liu does a wonderful job of talking about how they miss their powers, even though some of them have wanted them gone before.

I will say two criticisms of this book: It isn’t long and it’s pretty fast-paced. I thought the group would stay in the mental hospital for longer than a day. I kept waiting for them to get caught, but their stay ended pretty quickly. This kind of ties in with how I kind of expected the book to be longer. There could’ve been a lot more written here. I took this book to DC with me, and was halfway through in the course of an hour. This book lightly touched on issues, such as the loss of their powers and how it affected them, when it could’ve been expanded.

I’m not trying to persuade you not to read this. I strongly recommend that if you like X-Men-comics, movies, or otherwise-this book is fun and you should buy it. This book will be finding its home on my shelves, much to my friend’s dismay.

If you’re interested in some other recommendations or want to read some more reviews, check these out: The Starlight Crystal by Christopher Pike, Lullaby by Chuck Palahniuk, or Alice Have I Been by Melanie Benjamin.


2 thoughts on “X-Men: Dark Mirror by Marjorie M. Liu

  1. Cori

    I haven’t read this! I’ll definitely add it to my to-read list, but it’ll probably be a while as I’m trying to get through the 30+ books I’ve already bought and haven’t finished reading. Thanks for the review.



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