What’s Up, February?


I keep setting up goals for myself, but not really following through, no fault but my own. Mostly because I just love making lists. You would not BELIEVE how many “to-do” lists I make and then only accomplish two or three things off of it. You saw how many resolutions I got done last year.

Well, I’m ready to get back on track. I’m broke as fuck, my oven is finally fixed, and I am back in the mail-sending game. I have this short month to get back on my resolution track. Here are some of my more attainable goals for this month:

  • Get back to that budget. I was almost there last month, but due to my car being towed, my car being broken into, and the habit of eating out that I picked up from the last place, I’m back to square one. So, here’s a deal. Eat out once a week, and only once a week. If I know I’m going somewhere on the weekend, save it for that day. Start leaving my cards at home. Read signs when I park. Try not to park on the bridge where my car got broken into, but if I absolutely must, leave the back door unlocked. Maybe not the best advice, but whatever they could steal would be cheaper than replacing the window again. Buy groceries, especially now that the oven is fixed. I actually have a friend who said if I teach him how to cook, he’ll buy food. Deal!
  • Stop drinking soda! Don’t I realize how much money I spend on drinking soda??? Not only that, but I want to lose weight and just stopping soda could really help my case there. I used to not even like soda. So this month is all about stopping. This counts toward my lose weight goal.
  • Finish at least one tape. I started a project for my mother that I would make her tapes that just talk to her about things I haven’t been able to talk to her about. I keep getting halfway through, then rewinding and starting anew. I think this time though, I got a good start.
  • Put in five job applications. I’m not going to get a new job just from sitting on my ass (Well, with the online applications, technically I can). I need to be more proactive on this.
  • Read 5 books off the shelf. I’m actually making good progress on my “Read all the books” resolution. I’ve gotten rid of about 20 books so far, but I think I have at least 70 more to read (I have no idea how accurate that number is. Let’s just say 3 boxes worth). Five is a good number and if I can exceed that, great! I’m not sure if comic books should count or not.

I feel like those are definitely attainable goals. Here are some of my February plans.

  • Jury Duty. This was today, and I loved it! I don’t see why people bitch about it. I got an hour lunch break, read my book, slept, and watched the new Star Trek. This beats work 100 to 1.
  • I’m having a small party at the new apartment for just geeky girls. We’re getting together to read comic books, watch tv, and video game. I’m trying to make it into a sleepover, but we’ll see. I’m a total fan of girly sleepovers with nail polish and popcorn and pjs.
  • Can we just talk about how many birthdays are in this month? Jesus.
  • Speaking of birthdays, I’m paying for Sean to take the train in. He’ll be here the 19th-22nd. This is where my budgeting goal will hit a snag. I know we’ll be eating out a good deal. I plan on taking him to Lost City Diner at the very least, and then we’re having a surprise birthday party for him at Midtown BBQ (I need to call and confirm this). Plus I think we’ll be heading to DC, so that’s another day of eating out. I’m psyched though! The last time he was here, I didn’t get to take off. He was here for a week, and I had off Thursday cause of Thanksgiving and he slept pretty much the whole day. This time though, there’s plans! Thursday, we’re going shopping around and I’m taking him to Sideshow and he wants to go to Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, and then I talked to my bar and they said he could come in for karaoke (He’ll be 19, so he’ll have to sit at a table). Friday, I’m thinking Smithsonians (Cheap and fun, as long as I avoid those gift shops). Saturday is his surprise party and actual birthday.
  • This will be the first year without my dad for his birthday. I don’t know what my emotional state will be. Hopefully, I can just forget that the day exists or forget his birthday. We’ll see.
  • This is also the first year I won’t have Valentine’s Day plans since high school. I started throwing parties and doing dinners about my junior year of high school, and this year, I just don’t have the funds. Not to mention everyone who came to my singles party last year either moved or is in a relationship.

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