A Single’s Guide To Celebrating Valentine’s Day


Once upon a time, I had enough of the embarrassing Valentine’s Day dinner with my parents. Everyone else was out on a date, and here I was, forced to come along with my father and M2. “Enough!” I finally said to myself and to them. “Just leave me be and allow me to wallow in my single-ness.”

But they wouldn’t, so I devised a scheme. I would go out with all of my single friends to a fancy restaurant, and together, we would be spared our parents’ scrutiny. This idea worked so well that I kept doing it, and I eventually stopped hating Valentine’s Day and actually began to look forward to it.

As a professional single, I have had many years to perfect my Valentine’s Day plans. Shut down that thought-train about how sad it is to be single on February 14th, and take a look instead at how awesome it can be to be single!

1. I tried this idea for awhile, but due to our work schedules, this was discontinued. Essentially, make your best friend your Valentine.Make a pact that single or not, you two will buy each other presents, go out to dinner, and just celebrate how much you love your friendship! One year, my friend and I decided to buy each other the weirdest stuffed animal we could find that had absolutely nothing to do with love. She got me an owl. I got her a one-eyed monster with a creepy grin. Maybe do themes each year with presents or dress.

2. Get a group together and go out to a nice restaurant. No presents, no commitment. Just a group of you fancy mofos enjoying each other’s company.

3. Throw a single’s party. This one was always a huge hit. I called it “Chocolate for Singles”. I had a fondue pot that I would throw chocolate in and we’d all sit around, dipping food in and playing board games. Actually, last year, two of the single people at my party ended up hooking up and are still together!

4. Bar crawl? There’s this event going around that says all singles can sign up and go drinking with a big group of other singles. I’ve never done it myself. Something like that doesn’t interested me, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea.

5. Buy boxes of Valentines and mail them out. I love sending Valentines out just because, though I hardly know 32 people so I’ll have a lot leftover this year. It’s a silly and fun thing to do.

6. Go…hiking? This year, I don’t have money to have a party or go out to eat, so there’s always the choice of treating this like a normal day.

There’s always such a high expectation for Valentine’s Day to be wonderful and perfect and you feel this pressure to jump into relationships just because the day is nigh, but maybe it’s time you simply make your own fun. Nothing is wrong with being single (and nothing is wrong with being in a relationship). Don’t let this Hallmark holiday get your spirits down!


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