Weekend Flashback


I find so many cool things that I don’t really get to share, so I finally decided to give in and start sharing links to all of my neat findings. I’m looking to make this into a series. In this post, you’ll find a Pin Of The Week, What I’m Watching (and Recommending) on Netflix, and Recipes I’ve Made This Week, along with some songs and links to cool sites and cooler blogs.

Holy hell, if this isn’t the song to my life. 

This is a must-see site for any tea lovers!

Have a weird dream? Why not photoshop it?

For anyone who likes to send letters, how cool is this?

This blog is making me miss exploring and my camera.

Things I’ve cleared from my Netflix Queue this week: Horns (really weird, kinda gross, but good). The 4400 (I will be doing a write-up of this show). Sirens (I couldn’t get past the pilot. It’s generic comedy).

Food I’ve tried this week: Cheesy Enchilada Skillet. German Chocolate Cupcakes

Pin Of The Week:


Bonus: Happy Valentine’s Day!



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