5 Fandom Friday: Characters I Would Name My Kids After

This post is actually pretty embarassing. Now you get to see how big of a geek I REALLY am. These are definitely thoughts I’ve had outside this post, too.

1. James Tiberius Kirk

2229262-720_x_576_captain_jim_kirkI have had an actual conversation with a friend about this. I need to find someone with the last name of Kirk, marry him, then name our son the Captain’s full name. My future Kirk husband would get no say in this. Of course, this was in the heat of my Star Trek phase. My passion for it has leveled itself off, so if I would actually do this, I don’t know anymore. If I ever did find a husband with the last name of Kirk, it will almost definitely happen though. And I’d call him, “Cap” for short.

2. Dean Winchester

supernatural___dean_winchester_01_by_legendaryadelia-d6pmiczDean’s a nice name and all. I think there might be too many Supernatural fans actually doing this, though, so I don’t see it happening.

3. Shane McCutcheon


I love boy’s names for girls. Obviously, this wouldn’t be the first daughter cause that name is locked down, but if there was another, it might be Shane.

4. Edward Nygma

NygmainSpiritoftheGoatCome on, you know I had to put a Batman name in here.

5. Alistair

Alistair-Dragon-Age-Origins-alistair-theirin-37934661-799-588Alistair, my love, my king. I would name all of my children after him.

Is it weird that any character I would name future children after would be ones that I’m attracted to? Is that weird? Is it?

I won’t be participating in next week’s 5FF, so enjoy your break!


10 thoughts on “5 Fandom Friday: Characters I Would Name My Kids After

  1. Angie

    We actually did name our son James T(homas), though we didn’t have the luxury of Kirk as a last name. Never thought to call him “Cap” though! πŸ™‚ I tell the story of his name in my 5 Fandom post.


  2. Jessica

    I think James is a nice name for a boy. I read a book and the character’s name was Gemma and I fell in love with it… I would name my daughter that but my husband doesn’t like the name 😦




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