March Madness


Well, February was a bust on goals for the most part. I finished exactly one goal. But that’s okay, my March is raring for goals! Just take a look and see:

-Whole30. There isn’t an option to fail on this. While I never conquered my “quit soda” goal, it will happen this month. I’m on day two and still going strong, though I had my soda craving hard at work today, as well as a strong sugar craving. Luckily, some strawberries and frozen bananas are helping solve it.
-BUDGET. Sean being here, and being here longer than planned, SO did not help me with this. Time to lock myself in my apartment again. Good thing House of Cards just updated!
-Read 5 books. This went pretty well last month. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work again this time.
-Simplify my life. I’ve already weeded out my video games, but it’s time to weed out clothes, jewelry, cds, and anything else that is just general excess and never really touched. Side note, if anyone wants any of the stuff I’m clearing out, let me know. I only ask that if I send you something, send me something back. A letter, a postcard, art.
-Put in 5 new applications. So I didn’t do this last month. There’s no time like the present!

So what are your goals this month?


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