Resolution Update

So it’s June, and it’s time we check in to those rather ambitious resolutions I made at the beginning of the year. I took a lot of them away and accomplished a few, but a lot more are still works in progress. Let’s see what kind of progress, okay?

  • Get my motorcycle license. Sadly, this was taken off of my resolution list. I have a lot of things I need to focus on this year, and this just shouldn’t be one of my priorities.
  • Lose 100 50 pounds. Yes, I changed the number of pounds, and I’ve also only been gaining weight, but no one could’ve forsaw how bad my winter was.
  • Play a sport! I actually accomplished this one! I signed up for softball. I didn’t make it through the whole season, but I still played some games, and I just absolutely loved it! I will be playing a lot more sports…once I get money.
  • Get my shit together. HAHHAHAHA. No.
  • Buy a new car. 
  • Visit a new state. If I can get my money right, I plan on renting a car and driving out to Kansas (and my cute coworker out there has absolutely no influence on why the state is Kansas this year).
  • Get a new job. Things got better, but then they didn’t. I signed up for the Peace Corps, but they rejected me, so I’m currently looking.
  • Reconnect with what I love. I have actually been doing this on and off. I played softball. I’ve been letter writing. I’ve been dancing, cooking, listening to music. I’ve been video gaming and talking to my Mom and spending time with family. I’ve been doing puzzles and reading. I haven’t had much money to do anything else.
  • Get LABC its own web address. No progress made yet.
  • Do more art. Yeah, I’ve failed at this one so far.
  • Take care of my general health. I have a dentist appointment Friday! Take that!
  • Get my tooth fixed. Dentist appointment, hello?
  • Read all the books on my shelf. This one is coming. I have 47 more books left to read. I don’t know if this is actually achievable though.
  • Learn to love myself. Yeah…no.
  • Make 50 new friends. 
  • Talk to my mother. I actually did this, at my worst moment this winter. I called her, crying, and said I just needed to know the truth. She wouldn’t come out and say what had happened, but it was a really good talk.
  • Figure out who I am.
  • Escape escapism once a month.
  • Change my name legally. I’m just waiting until I have the money together on this one.
  • Stop settling. I feel like I’ve made decent progress on this. I’ve definitely avoided some unpleasantness because of this.

So how are your resolutions coming along? I’ve got two down, but still a lot more to go!


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