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Closing LABC

We’ve had a good run.

This is the longest I’ve ever had a blog, but with my laptop dying and my life just being super hectic, I’m sad to see this go away. I may stop blogging entirely, but I’m also thinking of starting a new blog with regular posts, one where people didn’t know my previous name. This is a consideration I’m having, a blog detailing my adventures through college as I get a Masters in Social Work, a blog detailing how I’m patching up my family, a blog around “doing me”.

I don’t have an url to direct you to, but if you would like to keep in contact for whatever reason, my email is


Until next time lovelies,




Blogging Vacation Is Over!

I am officially coming off my blogging vacation. I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile now, but since I got in the habit of writing posts at work (and have been too busy at work to write), it’s been a struggle for me to sit down at home and blog (the struggle isn’t sitting down, it’s the blogging).

I could talk about what made me take a vacation in the first place, but let’s just ignore that and keep right on going, shall we? I’d like to thank everyone who is still reading this blog, everyone who sent me well-wishes, and my friends who got me through some of the emotional stuff.

You’re going to see some changes on the blog. I won’t be doing Fandom Fridays anymore, or any type of “weekly” post. I feel like a scheduled series takes away from blog content, which this blog will start to focus on. There may still be lists from time to time, but they will be my lists that I came up with. You can still count on my book posts and picture posts. What I’m trying to accomplish is making this blog, essentially, me. Something I can be proud of when a penpal says they read my blog.

While I’ve been on vacation, I’ve been trying to do stand-up comedy. While I think I’m hanging up on that dream, I will be trying to do more comedic posts. That means more personal posts as well.

Pictures are still pretty much a non-thing for this blog, as my camera is still broken. Hopefully that will change soon, but my wallet says “try again later”.

I promise that my posting will be at least once a week. I don’t want to says 3 times a week cause I don’t want to make that kind of content commitment. Also, after being on a vacation and coming back to Bloglovin, I have over 1600 posts to catch up on, some blogs with over 50 posts. That’s a bit ridiculous and I hope I’m never that blog. I want this to be something you actually read, not just mark as read to get it off your dashboard.

So prepare yourself, internet, cause Jo’s about to give this thing all she’s got!

An Update For You Readers

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been very absent from my blog. Don’t worry, it’s not just the blog. I’ve been very absent from my life as well.

For years, I’ve battled against severe clinical depression and have mainly won, but there comes times where I am just so low that I can hardly operate. This is one of those times. The last time it was this bad was in 2011, when I had tried to kill myself.

I don’t know when I’ll be a functioning adult again. I’m sorry for the interrupt in my blogging schedule, and just when things were getting more active, too. I am reading comments, but just not responding.

If you want more of a general update, keep checking out my Twitter feed, though I don’t know how often I’ll be tweeting now since my phone is shut off.

I promise that the next post will be more uplifting.

Throwback Thursday: Pemco

I miss urbexing a lot. Like, a lot a lot. My love for it hasn’t dwindled, though my activity certainly has. I don’t think that I got to explore at all last year, and with a broken camera, I’m not sure about this year, either. Sighhhhh.

So for my TBT post, here’s one of my early urbexing trips, the one where our little group banded together. It was the best of times, but it was also the worst of times.

DSC_1507 DSC_1526

We were lucky in that the security guard never saw us. He was sitting right outside this door, smoking a cigarette in his car.  This meant we couldn’t go see the other building, but we had access to about 80% of the place.

DSC_1634This was before my fear of heights kicked in. I came up here first, and everyone else followed. The roof was testy, though, so I didn’t push my luck.

DSC_1606 DSC_1660

We had met on, the Mid-Atlantic Urban Explorers. This was the first and only real meetup done with the group. I’m still a member, but everyone is so suspicious of everyone else that it’s basically a dead group. Damn, there is just so much drama there!

DSC_1691 DSC_1555

Those balls were everywhere. I should’ve taken one. What were they?

DSC_1755 DSC_1704

I’ve never understood how stuff gets abandoned. I get the buildings, but the chair? I’m sure it used to be really nice and actually worth some money. Why wouldn’t you take it?

DSC_1742 DSC_1781 (4)

The graffiti was give or take. I wasn’t too impressed with it. I was more interested in how nature was reclaiming this whole building.

DSC_1771 DSC_1773 (4) DSC_1772

Penmco is now burned, as most abandoned sites eventually get. If you’re interested in why it’s abandoned, read this. 

I plan on doing more urbexing posts for TBTs. I have a lot to talk about with them, and I don’t know why, but haven’t posted my stories/photos yet!

Before I Die

The John Hopkins Campus has this neat chalkboard where you write what you wish to do before you die.

DSC_9230 DSC_9231 DSC_9232

While I am not a Hopkins student, I have been dubbed honorary student by my friends, so of course, I wrote on here my own goals. I only listed three, but I certainly have many more.

-Go visit Chernobyl.

-Fingerpaint on acid.

-Explore abandoned palaces.


Some of my favorites from this board were:

-Catch all the Pokemon!

-Steal the Declaration of Independence

-Meet a penguin

-Be the answer to a question on Jeopardy

-Become immortal


What are your bucket list items?