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Microwave Gratification

I am staring at a spider plant,
staring and checking my watch.
Has it grown in the last twenty seconds?

My grandmother thinks I could have a new car by now.
Instead, she says, I went and bought a video game.
She also says things like “your black friend”;
I wonder how much wisdom she really has.

She says my generation, mine and her daughter’s,
we want things now.
I want now.
I want results.
I just want to know.

Instead of homecooked meals,
it’s simply easier to stick a frozen pizza
on a plate and press for one minute.
One minute is far too long to wait for food.

I am staring at a spider plant,
but I’m thinking about getting some sunflower seeds,
how gratifying it would be
to grow something from scratch.
I just wonder if my patience will hold out.